The Hoy Polloy - Bye Bye Bogota (CD)

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  The Hoy Polloy steps aside from the Animal Spirits Collective to bring forth the very first Vinyl Record, Bye Bye Bogota. A collection of musical masterpieces that developed from post tour adventures and the transition of new members.  

  "Well, you know how it goes.... One minute you're riding high, next thing you know it's Bye Bye Bogota." - SBJ

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Track List

1. Helen

2. Lady Finger

3. Hats Off

4. Side By Me

5. Let It Go

6. Winter

7. No Other Way

8. I Feel Fine

9. This World

10. Clean


Original artwork by Nick Beery,

Recorded at Chateau Sosa, Miami Shores, FL.

Released May 3rd 2017. Licking Toads.