The Hoy Polloy - Valkyrie CD

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The newest hip hop album from the multi-genre band the Hoy Polloy is packed with great collaborators from all over the world...

1. Retna Ling (feat JO of the NOC)

2. Dangerous (feat. Jadakiss & Vina Love)

3. Glow (feat. KD of the NOC)

4. The Nuance (feat. Les Nubians)

5. Cash Game (feat. KD of the NOC)

6. All I Need (feat. Ariel Morer)

7. Lock it Down (feat. UZO)

8. Girls Have Fun (feat. Tay Evans)

9. Fire Dance (feat. AZ & DJ Heron)

10. Felt (feat. Flynnfluence)

11. The Sandlot (feat. Mustafa Shakir)

12. Can U Feel That (feat. Scotty ATL)

Released September 17th 2019.

Recorded at Chateau Sosa in Miami Shores, FL

& River 71 Studios, in Little River, FL.

Original Artwork & Design Direction by Nick Beery

2019 Licking Toads, LLC