K Sos Presents...The Noisiest Passenger

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The Noisiest Passenger is the most recent release from Hoy Polloy frontman, K Sos. Recorded between October of 2013 and May of 2015, K Sos deemed this release the sequel to his 2011 album "Sciamachy". "I wanted to go back and do the hip hop thing again, for a full record. I had missed that style of writing, and honestly wanted to see if I was still up to the task, so I took my time to etch out a few gems on spare time from the band." says Sos, who has expressed this to be his best work to date. "When I no longer feel that I have improved upon a previous release, no matter what style of music I am presenting, I will humbly step away from releasing music to the public, but for now The Noisiest Passenger continues to showcase my growth, so I felt it was important to squeeze it in between this year's Hoy releases." K Sos who prefers to use outside production on these projects to focus more on the lyrical content, produces two tracks, the rhyme labyrinth  "Big Tops" and guitar howling "Bleed U". Long Time K Sos collaborator K.D. contributes vocals to the powerful "Missing Out" while Sos chooses to showcase some new faces including two time Latin Grammy Winner Karina Iglesias for "On the River" and "Starcruiser". New comers Flo Money and Rebs Khalifa spice things up on the lead single "The Bee Sting". Sos remarks about the song selection as "tedious" ultimately ending up with only 12 songs of 39 considered. The albums artwork comes from long time K Sos collaborator Nick Beery, who celebrated their tenth collaboration with this album. "Beery, has always been one of those people who if you get lucky enough to collaborate with, you hold on for the whole ride". Production credits and other information on TheHoyPolloy.com.


-Fluffy Weinstein

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The Noisiest Passenger

1. Light It Up

2. Paris Opera House

3. Missing Out

4. On the River

5. Big Tops

6. Runaway

7. Starcruiser

8. The Bee Sting

9. Bleed U

10. I'm Busy

11. Up All Night Pt 1 & 2

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